Where Pueblo’s Heritage Comes Alive

The Pueblo Heritage Museum is located in the historic Denver and Rio Grande Western Freight Station Building

The Pueblo Heritage Museum seeks to preserve, promote, and interpret the heritage of Southeastern Colorado and the plurality of its peoples.

Historic Exhibits

Come visit the museum Tuesday – Saturday 10am to 4pm

Member Organizations

The Pueblo Heritage Center exhibits are sponsored by Member Organizations who come together to tell Pueblo’s rich historic history.

Historical Library

The Edward Broadhead Library is staffed by volunteers from the Pueblo County Historical Society located on the second floor.

What We Offer


The Pueblo Heritage Museum’s educational outreach program includes a Legacy Trunk Program and guided tours, both of which serve to preserve, promote and interpret the rich heritage of Pueblo, and in the past year there have been several children’s activities added to the museum to make it more interactive for kids.


The creation of the Pueblo Heritage Museum is a grass roots effort which recognizes the importance of the preservation and interpretation of the diverse ethnic and historical heritage of Pueblo and Southeastern Colorado. Target audiences include school groups, families, scholars, and tourists to the area.


The Pueblo County Historical Society manages a research library on the second floor of the building.

Museum Exhibits