The creation of the Pueblo Heritage Museum is a grass roots effort which recognizes the importance of the preservation and interpretation of the diverse ethnic and historical heritage of Pueblo and Southeastern Colorado. Member organizations are the backbone of our museum, and their exhibits speak to the diversity of Pueblo’s past.

Do you want to learn about Lucky the Horse, the Pueblo Dodgers, and Apishapa Rock Art? Pueblo Heritage Museum is the place! We have display items from all periods of time in Pueblo’s past. Compare your footprint to an Allosaurus. Translate the languages of different settlers in Pueblo history. Learn why the Pueblo Chemical Depot was once called the Pueblo Ordnance Depot. All of this--and much, much more-can be found at the Pueblo Heritage Museum, across the street from Pueblo’s famous Union Depot.

Each of our exhibits can also be viewed on IZI Travel, a free audio-guide service. Follow this link to take a “virtual tour” of the Pueblo Heritage Museum.

When you are done listening, come visit us and see all the great exhibits and displays in person!”