Soap Box Derby

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Southern Colorado Soap Box Derby

The first Soap Box Derby race in Pueblo, a gravity run race for boys ages nine to twelve, was held  July 8, 1937 on 18th and West Street.  The second race was held July 1938 on the historic East Side of Pueblo, at Fourth and Iola  Streets.

Races were postponed after 1938 due to preparations  for  WWII.

In July 1962  co-sponsors Pueblo Jr. Chamber of Commerce, Pueblo Star-Journal and Chieftain and Jackson Chevrolet held the  race on Constitution Hill and Saratoga Streets.  Races where held each year thereafter until 1969 when the last race was held. There was not enough money to pay for the winner to go to Akron, Ohio to compete in the world championship race.  At that time Dwight Shaw, KKAM local Station Manager stayed on the air and made a plea to Pueblo to donate money which enabled the winner, Steve Espinoza, to attend the world championship in 1969.

The Southern Colorado Soap Box Derby, Inc. was incorporated December 2005 and the next race was held  June 2006 with races since then always  held on the historic Joplin Hill.   The Derby will be celebrating their 80th anniversary June 2017 of having races  in Pueblo, Colorado.   Changes have been made through the years such as now open to boys and girls ; ages 6 to 19;  and instead of  constructing them from  their own material they now have to purchase  kits from Akron, Ohio.  It is still a gravity run race down Joplin Hill  with speeds up to 32 mph.

The winners from Pueblo starting 2017 gets special recognition but due to the increased costs to go to Akron, they will no longer  compete in the world championship  at Akron, Ohio.