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Pueblo Conservancy District

Pueblo Conservancy District was formed to provide flood protection and restoration of the City of Pueblo after the 1921 flood. The Conservancy District was formed in 1923 and is a political subdivision of the  State.  The District developed a plan for relocation of the Arkansas River and railroad lines and completed the levee in March of 1926.

After Hurricane Katrina, FEMA was required to recertify all levees and dams and it then required the District to replace the levee. The levee replacement is a multi year process and it is now into its fourth year. The levee needs to be replaced to protect downtown Pueblo.

The current board has nine members appointed by the Pueblo City Council and County Commissioners. The board meets the fourth Wednesday of each month at 10:30 pm. Paul Willumstad is the current president and Rick Kidd is the administrator.