Museum Exhibits

Early Coloradoans

Early Coloradoans

Early Coloradoans Artifacts in this exhibit help interpret how Coloradoan's earliest inhabitants lived from prehistoric to historic times.

Pueblo Flood Exhibit

1921 Flood

Flood of 1921 A pictorial history of the devastation the city and county of Pueblo suffered as a result of the 1921 flood.

Pueblo Baseball

Pueblo Baseball & Runyon Field Baseball paraphernalia from the Pueblo Dodgers, a farm team of the Brooklyn Dodgers.

Schools of Yesteryear Exhibit

Schools of Yesteryear

A one room school house is depicted with video, pictures and replicas of artifacts used in a classroom.

Nuestras Familia

Nuestras Familia

Colorado's Hispanic Heritage A three part display depicting the culture and history of the Hispanic culture in Pueblo; exploration and migration, Native Americans and family genealogy (FACC)

Pueblo Lions Club

Pueblo Charter Lions Club

Pueblo Charter Lions ClubA collection of items representing one of the first Lion Clubs in the United States and Internationally. (Pueblo Lion Club)

Depression Era Exhibit

Depression Era

Depression Era Home Scenes from a depression era home featuring a parlor, kitchen and back porch. (PHM)

Pueblo Irish Heritage

Pueblo Irish Club

Irish Heritage History of the Irish Immigrants who settled in Pueblo. (Irish Club)

Old Sewing Machines

Sewing Machines

Sewing Machines/Quilt History of various sewing machines on display and a quilt featuring squares depicting southeastern historical locations in Pueblo. Donated by Pueblo Quilters Guild. (PHM)

William Jackson Palmer Exhibit

William Palmer

A historical framed display on the achievements of pioneer William Jackson Palmer. (PHM)

Levee Mural

Levee Mural Cynthia Ramu's painting depicts a scene from the CF&I from the Pueblo Levee Project. (PHM)

Pueblo Saddles Exhibit

Pueblo Saddles

Pueblo was the saddle making capital of the West in the 1860s and 1870s. Various styles of saddles on display with Lucky the horse who was used to display these saddles. (PCHS)


The story of immigrants from the early 1900's traveling from their origin countries, to Ellis Island and continuing on to their final destination in Pueblo, Colorado. A special feature is a display of St. Therese Catholic School's fifth graders who researched their genealogical history and created replicas of their ancestors who settled here with their families.

Western Heritage

Western Heritage is the core of Pueblo History. Visit the museum to see the many Western Heritage Exhibits such as: Saddles, as Pueblo was the Saddle making capital of the world, The Greenhorn Trading Post, Brands of Pueblo area, The Boone Family Collection, The Blakes and the Nolan Land Grant, just to name a few.

Board of Water Works

Pueblo Board of Water Works Historical water exhibit depicting water history in Pueblo. ( Board of Water Works).

Carlile Collection

Carlile Collection

James N. Carlile Collection. A Victorian Era exhibit featuring the Carlile First piano brought to Pueblo in a wagon from Ohio. James Carlile was a Pueblo pioneer, entrepreneur and politician who influenced the development of Pueblo and the state of Colorado. This exhibit features a collection from the lives of James N. and Maria Bennett Carlile including the first piano brought to the Colorado territory. (PCHS&PHM)

Rural Phone Exhibit

Rural Phones

Rural Telephone Exhibit An extensive collection of antique phones, switch and switch boards.

Pueblo Dairies Collection

Pueblo Dairies

A vast collection of milk bottles from various Pueblo County dairies. (PCHS)

Buddy Johnson Exhibit

Buddy Johnson

Buddy Johnson History of a local T.V. personality hosting a children's program and the band leader for the Colorado Rangers. (PHM)

Beulah Red Marble

Beulah Red Marble, only red marble of its kind in the world. Used in the Colorado State Capital building.

Colorado Governer Adam's Desk

Gov. Adams Desk

Colorado Governors from Pueblo Alva Adams' desk and historical information of four governors from Colorado; James Bradley Orman, Raymond Herbert Talbot, Walter Walfred Johnson and Alva Adams.

Pueblo Archaeology​ Exhibit


Features the history of Pueblo's archeology past including a display of 700 yearold pictographs found in the Swallows area. (Pueblo Archaeological Historic Society)

Pueblo Army Depot Exhibit

Pueblo Army Depot

Pueblo Ordinance Depot Collective history of the Pueblo Army & Chemical Depot. (Pueblo Ordinance Depot)

Kay Keating Carriages

Kay Keating Carriages

Katherine Keating was the first woman in the Navy to rise to Captain of the Medical Service Corp. She retired from the Navy and settled in Beulah, Colorado and became a pillar of the community. (PHM)

Greenhorn Store

Greenhorn Store

Greenhorn Store Replica of John Brown's trading post at Colorado City. (PHM)

Pueblo Railroad Museum Exhibit


D&RGW Railroad An extensive display of railroad artifacts. (Pueblo Railway Foundation) In February we will be adding an African American exhibit, for Black History month. Good chance the exhibit will become permanent.